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Making Connections Book 2 (Grade 2 Student Book)


Copyright: 2006 Publisher: School Specialty, Inc.

Making connections prepares students to anallyze and interpret diverse fiction and nonfiction materials to meet the Common Core Stae Standards.

Students will learn how to:

  • Understand skills such as cause/effect, drawing conclusions and predicting outcomes
  • Locate, interpret, and organize key information in a text
  • Analyze words in a text using vocabulary strategies
  • Utilize text features such as photos, tables, maps, graphs, indexes, and glossaries
  • Interpret a variety of genres including biographies, science & social studies articles, myths, and much more

Book 2 Skills: identify details, sequencing, main idea compare/contrast, drawing conclusions/predicting outcomes, fact and opinion,

Skills and Strategies: This engaging reading comprehension program develops the essential skills and strategies included in the Common Core State Standards - and reinforces them in a spiraling curriculum.

Book 2 Strategies: building background knowledge, monitoring comprehension, cooperative learning, generating & answering questions, text story structure, using graphic organizers, summarizing, understanding vocabulary, applying multiple strategies